Rivers' Way Meditation Center

Rivers’ Way provides a continuum approach to spiritual development that honors the movement between the personal and spiritual. Most programs include meditation instruction and practice, mindful movement/qigong and other offerings. Small practice support groups are a specialty at RW. Programs are held at the center, outreach in the community, and in collaboration with other centers, programs and teachers.

Meditation practice: through insight/ mindfulness meditation one learns to observe and investigate experience as if on a bridge overlooking a river. The capacity to be with the moment to moment changing conditions, we can learn to accept life as it is....brings greater peace, happiness and freedom.

Integrative psychotherapy: a confluence of two healing rivers -- meditation and psychotherapy that respects each individual’s unfolding process of ‘coming home to themselves’ or true nature.

Integrative supervision and consultation for professionals: an integrative model that blends meditation and compassion practice, spirituality, east/west psychology, transpersonal, body-centered psychotherapy, creative, expressive arts and ritual.